The Care of Crafting: A letter to Buyers – giagemsco

Handcrafted jewelry takes patience, love, expression, fine-tuning, and understanding. It is an art form! My love for art and gemstones began at the early age of 3 years old. I would listen to my father play Bach and other great classical composers’ music on his piano. There are pictures of me, in my early childhood, picking up rocks and examining them in Colorado.

The State of Colorado has an abundance of wonderful minerals, rocks, and gemstones to explore. Over the years, I have learned where to find gems and minerals, how to break open geodes, and how to identify different stones and gems. Several of my current favorite gemstones are Lapiz LazuliQuartz of many varieties, Fluorite and Malachite. When selecting gemstones for jewelry making, I spend time in small business gemstone shops searching for the best quality stones  available. I prefer to give most of my business to small local shops as it helps to drive in keeping the market diverse, while providing other small business owners the opportunity to maintain their businesses. 

When I return home from gemstone and supply shopping I inventory every chip, bead, clasp; all supplies. This way I can track my material and labor costs and provide each buyer with an accurate and fair price for the finished product. 

Then the crafting begins. I start with a fresh palette for every piece of jewelry I create. Carefully and with detail, I select unique combinations of beads and supplies for each design. Every necklace and bracelet in my store is one-of-a-kind!

Once the design is laid out, I patiently and artistically thread each stone, pendant, chip, bead and clasp to complete my art. 

Each necklace is inspected and hand cleaned with jewelry cloth before packaging. The finished product is now ready for a home. That is where you come in. The care of crafting does not end with the maker. Care continues with the buyer, as they carefully select the art/jewelry that they will purchase and wear. It is you, the buyer whom I as the maker, think of as I dedicate myself to making the best quality and most unique jewelry for. 

I appreciate every review and welcome comments and feedback. 

Thank you, 


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