Art is a Story

Art is a Story             Art has untapped potential and power. From the earlier types of art on forward to modern art, there has been much purpose, meaning, emotion and story within each piece of art created. Khan Academy’s video titled, “Representation and Abstraction: Millais’s Ophelia and Newman’s Vir Heroicus Sublimis,” takes an in depth … Continue reading Art is a Story

Art is Infinite in Relation to Environment

    Art is Infinite in Relation to Environment             Art is infinite in its relationship and influence to and of its environment. If we think of all life as a cube, art can live within any particle of the space inside of the cube. It can change the space, be changed by such space, … Continue reading Art is Infinite in Relation to Environment

The Power of Art

The Social and Political Power of Art In the 1930’s art transformed powerfully on a large political scale. Some artists took on the bourgeois of empire and industry, some took on the social realities of the Great Depression, while others took on war. As some artists changed their focus on social politics, giants of governments … Continue reading The Power of Art

Abstract Expressionism: 1940’s America

Abstract Expressionism: 1940’s America To art critic, Clement Greenberg, the most essential characteristic in judging art was form. Although his rival Harold Rosenberg argued that form was not the only aspect to view in art, Greenberg was still viewed as an important and noteworthy critic. American Abstract Expressionism left a lasting impression on many critics … Continue reading Abstract Expressionism: 1940’s America